Sagitarius and Pisces horoscope for 2018

Sagitarius Horoscope 2018

The last couple of years have probably taught you all you wanted to know and more about patience and suffering. But although 2018 is a vastly improved year you will only make the most of it by acting on the lessons you have learned. This is a year of major life moves and big additions to the home base. It is also a year when your priorities change, due to the impact other people and events in their lives have on you. The November Archers get to make the biggest break-throughs – and experience more of the upheaval in the process – but thanks to Uranus your whole sign gets to wake up and smell the coffee at some point in the year. In a nutshell 2018 is the springboard to bigger and better things. Go to this url and read some amazing facts about sagitarius

Love and Relationships
You’ll get more support this year and relationships should deepen and prosper. However, some Sagittarians are more than ready to make their exit from partnerships they have outgrown – February, May and August all contain liberating moments. Venus, the planet of love and relating, transits the area of marriage between 20th March and 6th August, encouraging new romantic unions and weddings. If a relationship takes a backward turn in late May and June, it may well right itself by late summer, and in general your love life will benefit from a policy of less drama, more serenity .

Money and Work
Even though your prospects have improved there still appears to be a go-slow on finances: this may be because partners are experiencing money difficulties or that your investments or dealings with financial institutions are fraught with delays and difficulties. Patience will eventually pay off but not without a cash-flow crisis or two – watch May and July. By contrast Jupiter’s passage through the area of career and life-direction brings success, promotion, even fame to one or two Archers.

Go Dates: 27th February, 20th March, 11th April, 13th August, 20th September, 24th December

Slow Dates: 20th February, 28th March, 24th April, 3rd June, 13th September, 11th December

2018 Horoscope for Pisces

Uranus is astrology’s mover and shaker – a factor February Pisceans in particular will discover in 2004. Ruts were made to be broken out of and late February, May and August will show you just how. You have been a caged creature for far too long and the opportunities for you to escape and fulfil your potential have rarely been greater. Other people prove to be the primary agents of change, but a visit to a foreign country could also inspire you to leave behind an old way of life. Children are your teachers in 2004, and it is your experiences in regard to pregnancy and child-rearing that provide the most growth material. In a nutshell you’ll cover a lot of new ground in 2004.

Love and Relationships

Jupiter will transit of the zone of relationships until the end of September so you have nine more months in which to discover what this planet can do for your love life. This is a premium time for marriages and engagements, and in general you’ll have the support and faith of other people. January and October are the most happening months for love and relationships. Not that it’s roses all the way… Especially if you have an 8th-13th March birthday, Pluto is urging you to see where your loyalty and love have been misdirected.

MONEY/WORK – A huge life-direction change for the February Pisceans in particular. Keep your options open and your plans fluid.

Money and Work

Being tethered to the past is no way forward: a message that is playing long and loud for Pisceans aged between thirty-nine and forty-two. A huge career/life-direction change is forecast for 22nd February and 12th March birthdays, especially if you fall into that age category. And for all celestial Fish this is a year when travel, computers and technology have a bigger part to play in your life and work. Late September marks the beginning of a more prosperous phase of your life: up until then accumulate to speculate!

Go Dates: 29th January, 17th March, 21st September, 21st October, 29th November, 31st December

Slow Dates: 1st and 20th February, 12th March, 27th May, 18th August, 10th December